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Short Stay apartments The Hague

17 fully equipped and furnished short stay apartments in the city center of The Hague.

The interior is inspired by the immediate vicinity of the apartment and has wonderful details of architecture in The Hague.

The apartment building of Residence Copes was originally built in 1885 in The Hague. The short stay apartments The Hague of Residence Copes are located in the city center close to most of the embassies, the Head Office of Shell and other international business institutions. The rental apartments of Residence Copes meet the highest standards of quality and luxury and offer a good security system with a modern lock system.

In addition, these short stay rent apartments in The Hague have even more benefits. All windows are double-glassed, the short stay apartments are energy efficient and are equipped with very good ventilation systems. The apartment complex also has an elevator and WI-FI. In the large courtyard of Residence Copes you can park your car and bike. Furthermore every floor of the complex has a laundry room.

Discover our short stay apartments The Hague now!

Please note that the rental period is 4 months or longer. Do you want to know more about these short stay apartments in The Hague? Click at one the rental apartments at this page and discover the impressive stories behind the most luxury short stay apartments of The Hague!

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